Размещен официальный перевод стандартов МСФО на русский язык на сайте http://www.ifrs.org/

Please find links below to available translations of the unaccompanied IFRSs. Selected IFRS translations are posted on this page as they are available. All IFRS translations are created following the IFRS Foundation`s translation process which includes review by a committee of technical accounting experts.


IFRSs are issued in English as they are approved by the IASB; the translation process begins after the English is issued. For this reason there is a delay between the availability of the English and translations. More information on the IFRS Foundation`s translation process can be found by clicking here.

Registration and log-in:  To access the unaccompanied IFRSs you need to be a registered user. Registrationis free and takes only a few minutes. It allows you to access the unaccompanied IFRSs, the IFRS for SMEs, to register for email alerts, submit comment letters or register as an observer.


Click on the link below to jump to the translation you wish to access:

  • Armenian 2012 (red book)
  • Chinese (Simplified) 2012 (red book)
  • French 2012 (red book)
  • Kazakh 2012 (red book)
  • Russian 2013 (blue book)
  • Spanish 2012 (red book)
  • Turkmen 2011 (red book)

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